Professional advice from professional Chartered Accountants in Adelaide, do you have a lazy accountant? Do you see your accountant once a year, if at all? Do they understand your business and take pride in helping you achieve your goals, or merely lodge your tax return?

We believe the job of an accountant only begins with knowing what deadlines and obligations are by the ATO.

They should also possess the following attributes:

  • Availability: Respond and be available when needed.
  • Analytical Skills: Be able to listen, understand and solve a problem.
  • Care: Develop fully rounded solutions for our clients, instead of just giving quick answers.
  • Knowledge: Have exceptional technical knowledge and a strong network of referral partners for areas outside our scope.
  • Mentoring Ability: Be able to assist clients to achieve financial health through ongoing consultation, monitoring and mentoring.
  • Quality Control: Maintaining exceptional levels of services through a commitment to quality and continuous improvement.
  • Tax Minimisation: Be proactive with clients in respect of legally minimising tax.
  • Technology: Empower clients with the latest technology to make their business life easier and free up more time for other pursuits.
  • Value Add Services: Provide a full compliment of financial and business services including accounting, bookkeeping, tax, self managed super, loans, insurance and IT.

Here at Business Initiatives our accountants value these attributes and they are all an important part of our service to you!

Visit our Staff page to learn a little bit about each of our accountants and other staff members.

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