Self-Managed Super

Take control of your future and manager your own super. We have proven strategies to ensure you maximise your super in retirement.

“Your money, your call”

Rental properties in super

Setup and structure so that you can purchase a commercial or residential investment property in your SMSF.

Salary sacrifice

Strategies to reduce your personal income tax and boost your super balance.

Super borrowing

An SMSF allows you the ability to borrow in your fund and invest directly in property or shares using your SMSF cash. A powerful way to leverage your current super balance to produce spectacular long term results.

Art, gold, classic cars

You are able to invest in “alternative” asset classes not available to industry funds.

Tax minimisation

Proven strategies to minimise your personal and business taxes when combined with an SMSF.

No hidden commissions

Our services are quoted annually up front and are transparent. There are no hidden costs and no kick-backs to fund managers.

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