Self-Managed Super

At Business Initiatives, we believe that you should be in control of your wealth creation strategies, tax minimisation strategies and investment choice. Our clients are in the best position to decide for themselves how they can create wealth and plan for their retirement.

We can help you set up a Self Managed Superannuation Fund (SMSF), advise you on the best strategies to save you tax and invest in assets that are best suited to create you wealth.

Why choose a SMSF?

You can decide how your fund is managed and control where your money is invested. Our clients often report that having greater visibility over their retirement savings has led to a deeper understanding of how their overall wealth is tracking, and given them more confidence in their investment and lifestyle decisions.


Investment Choice

SMSFs provide more investment options than any other super fund. Trustees can access direct shares, high-yielding cash accounts, terms deposits, income investments, direct property, unlisted assets, international markets, collectables and more. You decide where your money is invested.


You can protect yourself and your family's lifestyle from the financial consequences of death, sickness or accident in a more tax effective environment via the use of a SMSF compared to individual ownership of policies.




SMSFs allow multiple members to run mixture of accumulation and pension accounts. Trustees can adjust their investment mix as it suits them, allowing for a fast response to changes in market conditions, super rules or personal circumstances.



SMSFs offer significant transparencies that allow trustees to align their personal goals with their investment decisions. Whether you're passionate about property, shares or sustainable and ethical investing, SMSFs allow you to better understand where your money is invested.


Tax Strategies

SMSFs benefit from concessional tax rates. In the accumulation phase, tax on net income is capped at 15%; in the pension phase there is no tax payable, not even capital gains tax. Carefully considered tax strategies can help trustees grow their super savings.


Michael Farmer

Financial Planner
Michael has experience in all areas of financial planning and has specialised in pre-retirement planning, minimising tax and growing his client's wealth. Michael has extensive knowledge in the areas of superannuation including SMSF’s, investments, personal insurances and business succession planning.
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Michael Alcorn

Financial Planning Assistant
Michael began working for Business Initiatives in April 2017 as Administration Assistant to the Financial Planner. Since completing High School he has continued to study and completed a Diploma of Financial Planning in late 2016.

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