Superannuation Tax Loophole

We’re receiving many calls about the following article published by the ABC last week which relates to a potential superannuation withdrawal and re-contribution strategy: ABC News website. We would like to clarify some points raised in the article for our clients. KEY POINTS The Government will allow individuals affected by COVID-19 to access up to…

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Why Elections Are Important

Labor tipped to hit middle class hard Tax is a contentious thing. We all hate paying it but begrudgingly do so because, without it, the Government wouldn’t be able to provide all the services they offer. We understand that if Labor has its way, the very rich will also be hurt, but when you are…

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Successful Investing: A Guide

How We Invest Your Money There is a relationship between risk and return and your investment portfolio needs to reflect how much risk you are willing to accept. Everyone’s tolerance to risk is different. We take the time discuss and explore your own personal investment preferences, and then tailor an investment portfolio to suit you.…

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