How does a car cost you more on 0% interest rate?

We recently had a client who contacted us about this fantastic deal that they were getting on their new car finance. He said ‘they are not charging me any interest at all.’ Naturally we were sceptical. We did some further investigating and yes he was generally paying no interest on this loan.

After a few days of doing some research we rang him back to advise we could SAVE him money on the deal he was being offered from the dealership. HOW? We found that the same car could be purchased at a lower on road cost and if we did the finance using standard interest rates his total payments at the end of the finance would be less than the original on roads cost he was being charged with their “0%” interest rate.

If you are being quoted a deal that seems ‘too good to be true’ – it probably is. We also found this article to be quite interesting and supports our findings:  Click Here to Read More 

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